Sermons by Pastor Alan Beavis

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Sermons by Pastor Alan Beavis 
Final Words 31st Jan 2016
Reaching Out 24th Jan 2016
Living in Covenant 17th Jan 2016
Not ashamed 10th Jan 2016
Serve One another 3rd Jan 2016
Royal Visits 20th Dec 2015
Praising Shepherds 13th Dec 2015
Of Royal descent 6th Dec 2015
A Child is Born 29th Nov 2015
Living in the Word Pt 2 22nd Nov 2015
Living in the Word 15th Nov 2015
The Greatest Sacrifice 8th Nov 2015
Fellowship with Believers 1st Nov 2015
The Call to Follow Jesus 25th Oct 2015
Abiding in Christ 18th Oct 2015
Jesus heals a lame man 11th Oct 2015
Go, Make Disciples 4th Oct 2015
Powerful Warrior 27th Sept 2015
New Perspective 16th Aug 2015
Following Jesus 2nd Aug 2015
Power to Judge 26th July 2015
When you feel like giving up 19th July 2015
Power to Amaze 12th July 2015
Praise in Prison 21st Jun 2015
The Gospel comes to Europe 14th Jun 2015
Setting out on Mission 31st May 2015
Meeting the Spirit 24th May 2015
True Growth 17th May 2015
True Path 10th May 2015
Death Defeated 5th Apr 2015
The King Decides 29th Mar 2015
Talents 15th Mar 2015
Be Prepared 8th Mar 2015
Choices to be made 1st Mar 2015
David - Good King 15th Feb 2015
King Forever 8th Feb 2015
New King 1st Feb 2015
The sweet smell of forgiveness 18th Jan 2015
Restored 11th Jan 2015
Jesus begins His ministry 4th Jan 2015
Worshipping Wise Men 21st Dec 2014
Praising Shepherds 14th Dec 2014
Obedient Joseph 7th Dec 2014
Trusting Mary 30th Nov 2014
A Time to Remember 2 16th Dec 2014
A Time to Remember 9th Nov 2014
Living in the Light 2nd Nov 2014

Breaking Barriers-Building Bridges 19th Oct 2014
Building Bridges – Breaking Barriers 5th Oct 2014
Who is Leading us? 21st Sept 2014
Love invitation 10th Aug 2014
Some Good Questions 3rd Aug 2014
Giving to God 20th Jul 2014
Peace and Reconciliation - 13th Jul 2014
Philip explains - 6th Jul 2014

You are Light - 29th June 2014
Light to live by - 15th June 2014
Wind and Fire - 8th June 2014
Ascended Lord - 1st June 2014
Made for mission - 18th May 2014
Overcoming failure - 11th May 2014
When Jesus comes in the midst - 4th May 2014
Easter Sunday - 22nd April 2014
Good Friday - 18th April
Palm Sunday - 13th April
Jesus and Bartimaeus - 6th April 2014
Breaking the walls - 23rd Mar 2014
Always There - 2nd Mar 2014
Jesus in His Glory - 16th Feb 2014
Who is Jesus - 9th Feb 2014
Jesus calls his Disciples - 2nd Feb 2014
Start Spreading the News - 26th Jan 2014
Stunning Vision - 12th feb 2014

A Faithful Servant - Stephen 5th Jan 2014
A Time for Hope 31st Dec 2013

Faces of Christmas 25th Dec 2013
Simeon's praise 22nd Dec 2013
Angel's Praise 15th Dec 2013
Mary's Song 8th Dec 2013
Zechariah's Praise 1st Dec 2013
Face to Face with God 17th Nov 2013
Rules for Life 10th Nov 2013
Living in the Desert 3rd Nov 2013
Jesus protects 20th Oct 2013
Simple Act of Kindness 13th Oct 2013
The Great Escape 22nd Sept 2013
Sacrificial Lamb
15th Sept 2013
Joseph and his brothers 7th Jul 2013
Are you the One? 30th Jun 2013
Jesus takes the plunge 16th Jun 2013
Wind Power 19th May 2013
Face to face with God 12th May 2013
Promise Kept 7th April 2013
Jesus heals ten men 17th Mar 2013
Jesus heals a woman 10th Mar 2013
Jesus heals a deaf man 3rd Mar 2013
Out of Step with God! 17th Feb 2013
Choices 10th Feb 2013
Abraham obeys God 3rd Feb 2013
Simeon and Anna 23rd Dec 2012
Shepherds 16th Dec 2012
God comes to Bethlehem 9th Dec 2012
Flood Warning 18th Nov 2012
The Greatest Love of All 11th Nov 2012
Truly Human 4th Nov 2012 
Storm Stopper 21st Oct 2012
Harvest Service Sermon
Part 1 & Part 2
The God who welcome Us
23rd Sept 2012
Father Of Creation 9th Sept 2012
Sing 8th Jul 2012
From Hero to Zero and Back 24th June 2012
At Work and Prayer 17th June 2012
A Flash of Light 10th June 2012
The Year of the Jubilee is here 3rd June 2012
Esther Saves the Day and the Nation 20th May 2012
For Such a Time 
Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4 13th May 2012
Walk to Emmaus 15th Apr 2012
From Sadness to Gladness 8th Apr 2012
Good Friday 6th Apr 2012
The King Decides 1st Apr 2012
Lessons from Sport 25th Mar 2012
 am not Ashamed 18th Mar 2012
Speak up 11th Mar 2012
The Potter's House 4th Mar 2012
Acting or Living 10th Feb 2012
Let it Show! 12th Feb 2012
Attitudes to Follow 5th Feb 2012
Rediscovering God's Word 29th Jan 2012
God Restores 15th Jan 2012
Can we trust God  + Can we trust God cont 8th Jan 2012
Some Things Never Change! 1st Jan 2012
A Wonderful Gift 25th Dec 2011
Good News for the Wise Men 18th Dec 2011
Good News for Everyone 18th Dec 2011
Good News for the Shepherds 11th Dec 2011
Good News for Joseph - and us! 4th Dec 2011
Powerful Warrior 20th Nov 2011
Powerful Healer 13th Nov 2011
Powerful Life Giver 6th Nov 2011
Elisha helps a family 30th Oct 2011
Healing Words - Growing Faith! 16th Oct 2011
Living Water - 9th Oct 2011
An evening visitor - 2nd Oct 2011
When you feel like Giving up - 25th Sept 2011
Not Ashamed - 18th Sept 2011 
Stand up for the Truth - 11th Sept 2011
What's gone wrong with Britain - 4th Sept 2011
Living in the World  - 17th July 2011
Wanted: Good Leaders - 10th July 2011
Living as the people of God
- 3rd July 2011
The King is Here  -  29th May 2011
The Kingdom Declared!  -  22nd May 2011
Kingdom People - 15th May 2011
New Beginning - Living Word - 8th May 2011
Easter Sunday - 24th Apr 2011
New World Coming  - 10th Apr 2011
From Generation to Generation -  3rd Apr 2011
Worship and Wisdom  -  20th Mar 2011
Decline and Fall -  13th March 2011
Bad King, Good King - 6th March 2011
Round and round we go - 20th Feb 2011
The Laws and the Land 13th Feb 2011
The God who is, and who saves 6th Feb 2011
God Intended it for good -  30th Jan 2011
Promises Promises -  16th Jan 2011
The People and the Book - 2nd Jan 2011
Royal Visit - by Pastor Alan Beavis 19th Dec 2010
The Praising Shepherds -  12th Dec 2010
Of Royal Descent - 12th Dec 2010
Listen and Do -  21st Nov 2010
Guiding Right - 14th Nov 2010
Listen Right - Do Right - 7th Nov 2010
Hearing from God - 1 Right Focus  -  31st Oct 2010
The Sweet Smell of Forgiveness - 17th Oct 2010
Harvest Gatherers - 10th Oct 2010

Archive Sermons
Riot in Ephesus by Pastor Alan Beavis 19th Sep 2010
We're in this Together! by Pastor Alan Beavis 12th Sep 2010
Teamwork by Pastor Alan Beavis 5th Sep 2010
Healing on the Sabbath by Pastor Alan Beavis 20th June 2010
A man asks for help by Pastor Alan Beavis 13th June 2010
Many Healed by Pastor Alan Beavis 6th June 2010
Praise he Lord by Pastor Alan Beavis 30th May 2010
Keep Close by Pastor Alan Beavis 16th May 2010
Only Jesus by Pastor Alan Beavis 9th May 2010
The Walls came tumbling down by Pastor Alan Beavis 2nd May 2010
Help for the Spies by Pastor Alan Beavis 18th April 2010
Always there by Pastor Alan Beavis 11th April 2010
Risen by Pastor Alan Beavis 4th April 2010
You are the Light by Pastor Alan Beavis 21st March 2010
Is Seeing Believing by Pastor Alan Beavis 14th March 2010
Light to Live by Pastor Alan Beavis 7th March 2010
Moses meets God by Pastor Alan Beavis 28th Febuary 2010
Life in the Desert Pt 2 - by Pastor Alan Beavis 21st Feb 2010
Life in the Desert Pt 1 - by Pastor Alan Bread and Water 14th Feb 2010
Let's Praise by Pastor Alan Beavis 31st Jan 2010
The Church grows by Pastor Alan Beavis 17th Jan 2010
Travelling together in Faith - Hard Times by Pastor Alan Beavis
Travelling in Faith by Pastor Alan Beavis
What's in the Name
by Pastor Alan Beavis
Mary's Song by Pastor Alan Beavis
Zachariah's Song by Pastor Alan Beavis
Birth of a Nation - Rescue and run by Pastor Alan Beavis
Holy Ground by Pastor Alan Beavis
Sacrificial lamb by Pastor Alan Beavis
Spectators at the Cross by Pastor Alan Beavis
Need or Greed by Pastor Alan Beavis
Jesus and The Taxman by Pastor Alan Beavis
Follow Jesus by Pastor Alan Beavis
Gods Plan for Us by Pastor Alan Beavis
Whose Voice are you Following by Pastor Alan Beavis
Incomplete Faith 1 by Pastor Alan Beavis
Incomplete Faith 2 by Pastor Alan Beavis
Preparating to welcome the Lord by Alan Beavis
Growth - Real or False by Pastor Alan Beavis
Don't be a weed part 1 by Pastor Alan Beavis
Don't be a weed part 2 by Pastor Alan Beavis
Sowing Seeds by Pastor Alan Beavis
Brothers - Esau and Jacob by Pastor Alan Beavis
Jesus Under Pressure by Pastor Alan Beavis
Part 1 Preparing the Way by Pastor Alan Beavis
Part 2 Preparing the Way by Pastor Alan Beavis
Jesus the Hidden Years By Pastor Alan Beavis
Bearing the Cross by Pastor Alan Beavis
Everyone is Different now by Pastor Alan Beavis
God Comes to his People by Pastor Alan Beavis
Good Tidings by Pastor Alan Beavis
Love in Action by Pastor lan Beavis
Money - Friend or Foe by Pastor Alan Beavis
Tear down the Walls by Pastor Alan Beavis
The Great Project by Pastor Alan Beavis
What really Matters by Pastor Alan Beavis
Dare to be Different by Pastor Alan Beavis
Abraham Man of Faith by Pastor Alan Beavis
A Question of Authority by Pastor Alan Beavis
Give Thanks to the Lord by Pastor Alan Beavis
In the Begining by Pastor Alan Beavis
Lets Celebrate by Pastor Alan Beavis
Out of Step with God by Pastor Alan Beavis
Sign of Spring by Pastor Alan Beavis
Takeaway for 5000 by Pastor Alan Beavis
Thanks for Loving Me by Pastor Alan Beavis
The King Comes by Pastor Alan Beavis
The Practice of True Religion by Pastor Alan Beavis
Welcoming the Wanderer Home by Pastor Alan Beavis
Who Dare Wins by Pastor Alan Beavis
Who Sins Change by Pastor Alan Beavis