The Book of Psalm

Sunday 30th Sept 2018
Explore Together: Praise  the Lord: Sermon
Reading Psalm 150;1 - 6
  by Andreea Stefan

Sunday 29th Oct 2017
Everlasting Love: Sermon
Reading Psalm 136;1 - 9
  by Colin Tompson

Sunday 30th Jul 2017
Creation Praise: Sermon
Reading Psalm 104;
  by Ian Richardson

Sunday 26th Feb 2017
God is Good: Sermon
Reading Psalm 23;
  by Ian Richardson

Sunday 19th Feb 2017
God is near: Sermon
Reading Psalm 22; 1 - 5
  by Pastor Johnson Owolabi

Sunday 12th Feb 2017
God Wins: Sermon
Reading Psalm 20;
  by Seth Delong

Sunday 5th Feb 2017
The Wonder of God: Sermon
Reading Psalm 19;
  by Peter Ratcliffe

Sunday 31st July 2016
God is with us: Sermon
Reading Psalm 145
  by Pastor Johnson Owolabi

Sunday 12th June 2016
Let's Praise: Sermon
Let's Praise: document
Reading Psalm 95: 1 - 7
  by John Kurubo