Prayer Calendar

Bringing Change Through Contact With Christ

For Your Prayers this week    

    •  Thank God for the work He is doing through Pastor Kumar. Con- tinue to commit his ministry to God in prayer. Pray that God will use all of us to glorify His Holy name and expand His kingdom

      •   Pray for the leadership team here at TRBC. Pray for discernment as de- cisions are taken

      •   Pray for those who are elderly and sick in our fellowship. Pray that they receive good and effective medical care and support. Pray also for all their carers.

      •   Give thanks for all those who are able to regularly serve in the life of the church, often behind the scenes. Pray for continued strength to server and more volunteers

      •   Pray for friends and families of victims of violence especially knife and gun crime. Pray for protection and an end to these senseless actions. Pray also for the Police, Ambulance and other first responders

      •   Continue to pray for the government and all those in authority especial- ly at this politically difficult time. Pray especially for the Brexit negotia- tions

      •   Pray for those who live in fear, especially our Christian brothers and sisters who live in parts of the world where they face persecution be- cause of their faith.

      •   Pray for survivors and friends and families of victims of Hurricane Dori- an and its after-effects. Pray that God will continue to bless the efforts of all those trying to help rebuild and bring relief. Pray also that the aid effort will be generously resourced

Prayer Chain

In future, where possible, items for The Prayer Chain should in the first instance be reported  to Michael  Thanks