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Pastor's Notes

Pastor’s Notes

Christmas 2020 – God Keeps His Promises


In the book of Acts Peter, Paul and Apollos demonstrated from the Old Testament that the Lord Jesus is the Christ, God's promised Messiah. No doubt they would have shared how Old Testament texts spoke of the Lord's suffering death and resurrection, which we considered this Easter. They would also have referred to texts that spoke about the Lord's ancestry and birth. God’s promise to send His chosen One to deliver humanity from sin and death began with how the Lord Jesus came into this world at Christmas, which we’ll consider in the coming weeks. 


Please prayerfully read the texts shown and I would value your prayers as I seek to hear what the Lord wants me to share with us at TRBC.


Thank you & God Bless 




29th November 2020


God Keeps His Promises God’s Son a Descendant of Judah - Genesis 44: 14-34Matthew 1: 1-3

6th December


God Keeps His Promises - God’s Son Born in Bethlehem - Micah 5: 1-5a & Matthew 2: 1-6

13th December


God Keeps His Promises - God’s Son Born to a Virgin - Isaiah 7: 1-14 & Luke 2: 30-35

20th December


God Keeps His Promises - God’s Son a Descendant of David - Isaiah 9: 1-7 & Luke 2: 1 & 4


25th December


God Keeps His Promises - God’s Son Born at God’s Perfect Time - Luke 2: 1-7 & Galatians 3: 26 – 4: 7