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Home Groups study - Dec 2019

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Pastor’s Notes



As disciples of Christ our most important tasks are to know and obey the Lord more and more each day. So, we will be studying through Mark, which is the earliest of the four gospels. To help us to understand and apply Gods word, well study specific themes within the gospel. Also, from time to time well take a break from studying Mark, so that we can return to it refreshed. Below are the passages well be considering up to 9th February, and it would be helpful if you could please prayerfully read the relevant text before the service. I would greatly value your prayers that I would hear from the Lord what He wants to share with us.

Thank you & God Bless Kumar
12th January 2020 Introduction to Mark

19th January 2020

Foundations for Ministry
John the Baptist Prepares the Way 
Mark 1: 1-8
Covenant & Communion Service

26th January 2020

Foundations for Ministry
The Lord Jesus Prepares Himself 
Mark 1: 9-13 & Romans 6: 1-14 Baptismal Service

2nd February 2020

Foundations for Ministry
Future Planning – The Lord Calls & Appoints His Disciples 
Mark 1: 14-20, 2: 13-17 & 3: 13-17

9th February 2020

Ministry Practice – Gods Kingdom, Gods Ways The Lord Jesus Prays
Mark 1: 35-39 & Mark 6: 45-46