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Pastor’s Notes

Everyone Matters to God

Throughout Scripture we see that everyone matters to God. In the Lords family tree, among His relatives & parents and the first witnesses to His birth we see that everyone, regardless of their background, matters to God. Through familiar stories we will learn how special everyone is to God, so that we can treat every- one with the love and care that God shows to all. Please prayerfully read these passages and please also pray that I may hear from the Lord what He wants to share with us.

1 December 2019
Ruth a Woman of Extraordinary Commitment Ruth 1: 1

8 December 2019
Zechariah a Man of Faltering Faith Luke 1: 5

15 December 2019
Mary the Lord
s Willing Servant Luke 1: 26-38

22 December 2019
Zechariah a Man of Renewed Faith Luke 1: 57

22 December 2019 Carol Service, 6.30pm The Lord of All
Isaiah 9: 1

25 December 2019
The Great Shepherd is Born
Luke 2: 1
-14 & Hebrews 13: 20-21