Pastor's Notes

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Pastor’s Notes

Praying for an End to Youth Violence

This week's (15/7/2019) LBA Newsletter carries a prayer request for the family of Kye Manning a 19 year old man who was tragically stabbed and killed last week. Kye was involved with Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church in Purley. We are asked to pray for Kye's family, the local community and the fellowship as they minister in this very difficult situation. Please let us also pray for the minister Rev. Nick Graves as he ministers and comforts people Kumar

On Premier Christian Radio I heard of an organisation called Peace on Our Streets. If you have access to the internet please visit https:// and sign up to pray for an end to youth vio- lence. At midday I receive a text setting out a prayer for young people. The site shows where prayer is taking place in our area and also where crime in our area has been reported. If you can, I encourage you to sign up so that as a fellowship we can join others in praying for an end to youth violence Kumar