Sermons by Date

Sunday 2nd Feb 2020   "Foundations for Ministry Future Planning - The Lord calls & Appoints His Disciples": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 26th Jan 2020   "Foundations for Ministry Future Planning The Lord Jesus prepares Himself": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 19th Jan 2020  "": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 12th Jan 2020  "Introduction of Mark's Gospel": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 8th Dec 2019   "Zechariah a Man of Faltering Faith": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 1st Dec 2019   "Ruth a Woman of Extraordinary Commitment": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 24th Nov 2019   "Gideon": by Brother John Kurubo

Sunday 17th Nov 2019   "Resources For & Steps Towards Holiness": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 10th Nov 2019   "The Model Holiness": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 3rd Nov 2019   "What is Holiness": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 27th Oct 2019   "Why isn't God coming to my rescue": by Isaac Ameyaw (Youth Minister EBC)

Sunday 20th Oct 2019   "Rules for Christian living: by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 13th Oct 2019   "Live for Christ": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 6th Oct 2019   "Live in Christ: by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 29th Sep 2019   Confidence in Christ: Suffering to Proclaim Christ: by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 22nd Sep 2019   Confidence in Christ: Supremacy of Christ: by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 15th Sep 2019   "Sermon": by Rev Victoria Lawrence (Cinnamon Network)

Sunday 8th Sep 2019   Confidence in Christ: The Gospel Bears Fruit: by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 1st Sep 2019    "Pay Attention": by Rev Carol Jones

Sunday 18th Aug 2019  "Jesus Loves the Little Children": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 4th Aug 2019    "God's Provision": by Brother John Kurubo

Sunday 7th Jul 2019     "Wisdom = Hearing + Doing": by Andreea Stefan

Sunday 30th Jun 2019   "Prioritising the Lord’s Mission Priorities": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 23rd Jun 2019   "Prioritising the Lords Priorities": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 16th Jun 2019   "Trinity Sunday - God So Loves You!": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 9th Jun 2019    "Pentecost - The Church's Birthday": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 2nd Jun 2019    "The Power of God's Word": by Pastor Johnson

Sunday 26th May 2019  "Words to Live by": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 19th May 2019  "Living in the Lord's Prayer": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 12th May 2019  "Growing a grateful Heart": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 5th May 2019   "The Story of Romans"by Rev Ray Motsi (Theological College of Zimbabwe)

Sunday 14th Apr 2019  "Palm Sunday Learning and living the way of God": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 7th Apr 2019    "Proving our Love for God": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 31st Mar 2019   "Learning & Living the Way of Love": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 24th Mar 2019   "Security in God’s Love: The Foundation for Christian Life & Service": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 17th Mar 2019   "The Nature of God's Love": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 10th Mar 2019   "God's Relentless Love": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 3rd Mar 2019     "Growing in Our Understanding of God's Love": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 24th Feb 2019   "Always Honour God": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 17th Feb 2019   "Kept Safe by God - For his external Purpose": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 10th Feb 2019   "Larger than Life - Smaller than God": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 3rd Feb 2019     "People look at the outward Appearance": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 27th Jan 2019    "Giving to God": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 20th Jan 2019    "Moses meets God": by Pastor Kumar

Sunday 6th Jan 2019     "Bread and Water": by Pastor Kumar