Totteridge Road Baptist Church EN3

What we believe

Bringing Change Through Contact With Christ

We believe that God existed before everything else and that He made all that exists.

We believe He has chosen to reveal Himself to human kind through His powerful acts, such as creation; through His spoken word, faithfully recorded in the Bible; but above all through the person of Jesus Christ, who is fully divine yet through his human birth became fully human.

According to the Bible, each person is in need of God's forgiveness and salvation, without which we stand condemned and liable to divine judgement.

Jesus Christ came into the world and died on the cross in order to obtain this forgiveness and salvation, which each individual appropriates by faith, thereby entering into a new relationship with Him.

Through this act of faith alone, we become children of God, enjoying fellowship with God, through the constant presence of the Holy Spirit within our lives.

Also we become members of the Christian family, the Church. This new relationship with God and fellow Christians is publicly declared through baptism. The local church exists to provide mutual help and encouragement for those seeking to follow Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ will return to earth at the end of time, to lead all those who have committed themselves to Him, to share a life of eternal peace and joy with Him.

Those who have refused God's offer of salvation through faith in Christ will receive judgement and forfeit the blessings He has for those who have received it.