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Welcome to the 11th Enfield Boys Brigade
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Dear Parents and Boys                               


As you know we are in the middle of the Corona Virus pandemic.

The Boys’ Brigade has been carefully monitoring the outbreak of the Coronavirus across the UK and keeping up to date with advice issued by UK Government and other relevant authorities.

Following new Government advice issued today that everyone should stop non-essential contact with others and stop all unnecessary travel, it has been concluded that all BB weekly meetings/activities, events and trips should be immediately suspended.

In view of this advice we will be closing down weekly activities to we are advised that it is safe to meet again.

When we here this we will contact you to let you know when we are starting back again.

We will be suspending any subs due for the coming months. Also you can contact myself if you have any questions.

I am sorry to have to do this but we have no choice but to follow BB and Government advice

Yours sincerely

 Robert Cooke (Captain)

#BBatHOME programme

Each week we're going to be sharing 6 activities/challenges for the young people to have a go at, all things they can do in the home, supported by you, their parents/carers. 

These activities provide an opportunity for all the family to get involved and join in all the fun.

Getting involved will see them taking part in activities across 6 different activity areas, just as we do week in week out at BB

You can find all the activities at https;//

we hope the boys have fun getting involved in the #BBatHOME programme

Providing activities for boys aged 5 to 18 in the Enfield / Freezywater area...

The Boys' Brigade is a uniformed Christian organisation for boys aged 5 to 18. At the 11th Enfield we run a number of activities for different age groups including sports, games, crafts, group activities, trips, camps, musical activities and much more!

Who are the 11th Enfield:

The 11th Enfield is based at Totteridge Road Baptist Church, which is Enfield / Freezywater, North London. We were founded in 1906 and have run uninterrupted ever since.

The 11th Enfield is one of ten Boys' Brigade groups (called Companies) that make up the Enfield Battalion. We are one of around 1500 Companies nationwide and we take part in many events at Enfield, London and national level.

How do I get involved?

For more information about getting involved with the 11th Enfield Boys' Brigade, please visit our join us page.

Each age group (Anchor, Junior, Company & Seniors Section) meet on a Tuesday & Thursday night during school term time in the Church Hall at Totteridge Road Baptist Church at the following times:

Anchor Boys (ages 5 to 8): Thursday 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Junior Section (ages 8 to 11): Thursday 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Company Section (ages 11 to 15): Tuesday 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Seniors (ages 15 to 18): Tuesday 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Current 11th Enfield BB new letter here

e-BB news 2019 here

Enfield Battalion Boy's Brigade Diary 2019/20

View recent Boys Brigade photos

BB Competition results archive here...

This archive contains many competition results at Enfield Battalion, North London Zone and London District level going back to the first Enfield Battalion Athletics competition in 1893. The archive can be browsed by competition, year or Company. 

History of Boys' Brigade
Did you know: The Boys’ Brigade was the first voluntary uniformed youth movement in the world and many of today’s organisations for young people can trace their roots back through history to The Boys’ Brigade

Latest News
Updated by Kayode Asseez  21/01/2018
Junior target Badge Jan 2018
                                   target badge jan 2018 2  target badge jan 2018
  Congratulations to the junior section boys who completed their target badge work as at the end of the 1st session December 2017
Activity afternoon at 133rd London Company HQ  - 7th Oct 2017
Anchor / Junior visit to Woburn park - 30th Sept 2017
      woburn trip 2017   
woburn trip 2017 3  woburn trip 2017 4  woburn trip 2017 2                            woburn trip 2017 5  woburn trip 2017 6  woburn trip 2017 7                                                       woburn trip 2017 8  woburn trip 2017 9

Boys Brigade Awards for 2017
     BB awards june 2017 1  BB awards june 2017 4  BB awards june 2017 2     BB awards june 2017 3  BB awards june 2017 6  BB awards june 2017 7     BB awards june 2017 10  BB awards june 2017 9  BB awards june 2017 8

Junior Section 100 years weekend Camp Fun day - 24th jun 2017
                  100yrs jsc 9      100yrs jsc 1       100yrs jsc 3                  100yrs jsc 2       100yrs jsc 4       100yrs jsc 6                  100yrs jsc 8     100yrs jsc 5      100yrs jsc 7 

Congratulations to the 11th Enfield BB for winning the BB ultimate Cup 2016/17 "The Victory Cup" - well done boys
                    BB victory jun 17 2  BB victory jun 17  BB victory jun 17 3
  Enfield Battalion BB Sports and Athletics at Picketts Lock - 10th Jun 2017
                                 BB sports jun 17 2          BB sports jun 17
Boys warming up and technic for winning                                              The Victory !!!

London District Ten Pin Bowling Competition results
Enfield Battalion BB football tournament at Enfield Ranger's football pitch - May 2017
Congratulations to the Seniors boys for winning their Cup and well done to the Company /Junior section for taking part
              bb enfieldrangers 1   bb enfieldrangers 2   bb enfieldrangers                    bb enfieldrangers 4   bb enfieldrangers 5   bb enfieldrangers 6

Enfield Battalion (Anchor and Junior Section) day trip to Chessington - 29th April 2017
  Conrad Dylan  the boys   reece and the dragon  the hug

Enfield Battalion Church Parade and Beach Party Explore event -
 19th March 2017
     BB Enfield Battalion 032017 2   BB enfield battalion service 4   BB Enfield Battalion 032017 3 
Staff Dinner and Dance 25th Feb 2017 at Boys' Brigade HQ,  Felden, Hemel Hampstead.
  bb dinner&Dance feb 2017 1  bb dinner&Dance feb 2017 3  bb dinner&Dance feb 2017 4  bb dinner&Dance feb 2017 5

For: Anchor Boys, Junior Section

                 Anchorboys activity afternoon  fen 2017 1     Anchorboys activity afternoon  fen 2017 2     Anchorboys activity afternoon  fen 2017 3
Themed Afternoon (Pirate Theme),  Saturday 4th February 2017,  At: 10th Enfield HQ

The boys raising funds during xmas 2016 with Santa and his sleigh

                        bb xmas sleigh  dec 2016 1   bb xmas sleigh  dec 2016 1   bb xmas sleigh  dec 2016 1

    The Boys Brigade awards and presentation with the boy's achievements during the period
 bb presentation dec 2016 1 bb presentation dec 2016 2 bb presentation dec 2016 3 bb presentation dec 2016 1
    Remembrance Parade November 2016
   rembrance 2016 3  rembrance 2016 2  rembrance 2016

 Remembrance Sunday was held in Enfield as a day "to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and   civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts".

                                                                                                 harvest 2 2016
                                               Harvest donations by Totteridge Road Baptist Church packed  by the 11th Enfield Boys  Brigade                              

Forthcoming events - see Enfield Battalion BB Diary


Skill Day (Unihoc, Quiz, Handball, Fig Matching, Sumo)

Saturday 4th March 2017
At: 11th Enfield HQ
For: Junior Section

Bible Quiz (London Event)

Between 12th - 26th March 2017
At: Own Company
For: Junior  / Company Section

Inter Battalion Quasars (run by inner North London)

Wednesday 26th April 2017
At: Enfield Quaser Center
For: Company Section, Seniors

Day trip to Chessington

Saturday 29th April 2017
At: Chessington Theme Park
For: Anchor Boys, Junior Section

Football Academy (incl tournament)

Saturday 6th May 2017
At: Enfield Rangers Football Club
For:  Junior Section, Company Section, Seniors

Hare & Hounds Fun Race (and games afterwards)

Saturday 13th May 2017
At: Grovelands Park N21
For: Junior Section, Company Section, Seniors

Athletics & Sports

Saturday 10th June 2017
At: Lea Valley Athletics
For: Anchor Boys, Junior Section, Company Section, Seniors

London Juniors 100Camp & Activity Day

Saturday 24th to 25th June 2017
At: Scout Park, Haringey
For: Junior Section

Adventure Day

Saturday 1st July 2017
At: Phoenix Outdoor Centre, Brent
For: Junior Section, Company Section, Senior

Summer camp: Honey Hill Maidstone July 2016  click
bb call

Enfield Battalion Athletics & Sports competitions
Saturday 11th June 2016, At: Queen Elizabeth II Stadium
For: Anchor Boys, Junior Section, Company Section, Seniors

Congratulations to 11th Enfield boys for winning both the
North London Trophy and the Enfield Trophy (2016)

Athletic 2016 1 Athletic 2016 2 Athletic 2016 4

Athletic 2016 5 Athletic 7 Athletic 8
See more pictures here.....

Annual Company Display and Presentation Evening
Sunday 12th June 2016  At: Totteridge Road Baptist Church
For: Anchor Boys, Junior Section, Company Section, Seniors

BB Display 2016 2 BB Display 2016 1 BB Display 2016 3

BB Display 2016 4 BB Display 2016 6 BB Display 2016 10

BB Display 2016 9 Display 17 display 2016 15

See more pictures here...

London District Life 2 the Max
Saturday 18th June 2016
At: Boys Brigade HQ, Felden Lodge
For: Anchor Boys, Junior Section, Company Section, Seniors

l2max1  l2max3  l2max2
l2max7  l2max11  l2max5  
See more pictures here ....

Congratulations to the following 11th Enfield BB leaders who were recently awarded and presented
by the Mayor of Enfield  (Bernadette Lappage) with the "Long Service Awards" for their works and dedication to Boys Brigade

Robert Cooke - Silver award (24 years of service)
Mick Bowling - Gold  award (34 years of service)
Michael Witter - 8 years of service
Kayode Asseez - 8 years of service
Teju Asseez - 8 years of service

For more information about thinking of joining us please visit the website below;

The Boys Brigade Home page
Information for Parents
Children and Young People


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If you would like to get in touch with us, please  contact us on

11th Enfield Boys’ Brigade
Totteridge Road Baptist Church
Captain: Mr Robert Cooke,
01992 466910 
             Email: robcooke15@hotmail.