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Bringing Change Through Contact With Christ

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We are a modern
friendly and family orientated Church with an active youth group, seeking a strong involvement with our local community. We are a community of all ages and different backgrounds sharing the good news of Jesus.

Our Church today is evangelical and is made up of people from all sorts of
backgrounds and walks of life,
who have come into a living relationship with God through a personal
encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are part of the body of Christians in the United Kingdom,
linked to the London Baptist Association,
the Baptist Union and the Evangelical Alliance. Because of this we are working with other
Christians in different traditions to practically express the love of God in our Society.

We extend a warm welcome, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to everyone visiting our
great website today. Its really good to have you visit us.

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                                                          Sunday 13rd August 2017 
10:30 am - Family Service

6.30 p.m. Evening Com               
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                                                 23rd July - 3rd Sep 2017    
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                                                   Christian Aid jun 2017
                                                       TRBC anniversary fun day 2017
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                                           Maundy Thursday photo published here ....  
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   Enfield Battalion boys brigade Chessington trip for Anchor and Junior section boys - Apr 2017

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    With dry and warm weather to help, everyone seemed to enjoy the day, even with the now famous queuing times which bear no resemblance to the signs. - Paul Bracher  (Enfield Battalion President)
Enfield Battalion Church Parade and Beach Party Explore event
  - March 2017
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The service was led by Michael Witter and boys from the 11th with the sermon preached by Adrian Ward who used words and games to convey the message that God knows and loves all of us.

 After the service the boys and girls enjoyed various crafts and activities according to their age group with a lunch provided of fish fingers and chips with ice cream dessert.

Anchors made sand ornaments, sun visors and masks then enjoyed more magic from Adrian Ward followed by games, there was also a sand pit where they made sandcastles.

Juniors also did crafts and sandcastles and enjoyed the magic but then had a chance to ride on a surf board simulator.

Company and Seniors did individual challenges, limbo dancing then enjoyed more magic before riding the surf board and playing "hot beach ball".

            Paul Bracher  (Enfield Battalion President)


Listen to our recent Sermon here
by Pastor Alan Beavis
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Please note that TRBC  is now in a period of Pastoral Transition following the retirement of
Pastor Alan after 23 years of ministry   

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Contact Details : 45A Totteridge Road, Enfield Middlesex. EN3 6NF.
General enquires : 01992 764738
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